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The Stepmom Diaries Podcast

Jan 15, 2021

One of the most common challenges for stepmoms is how to relate to their stepchildren's biological mom, or "biomom" in stepmom speak. Especially if it’s a high conflict situation. 

When you started dating and then settled down with someone with kids, you probably didn’t expect that so many aspects of your life would be controlled by someone outside of your marriage or your immediate family. Someone who might not like you. 

So how do you deal with a biomom who doesn't like you? How do you deal with her if it's a high conflict situation? We'll talk about all of that and more in this episode.

Resources Mentioned In The Episode

"Ten Quick Tips To Deal With A High Conflict Bio Mom" that you can download for FREE right here

Bill Eddy, of The High Conflict Institute, has some great resources to deal with high conflict situations - both in blended families and in the workplace. Head to our show notes for more of his tools. 

Another great resource is Stepmom Magazine - an online publication with the tagline, "Even when it's good, it's complicated."